Friday, February 5, 2010

When I was a kid, I would dream about the man I would marry. He would wear suits and wonderful shirts that would have to be pressed, and I would pick up said suits and shirts from the cleaners on my way to work (which, of course, was going to be a really fabulous creative job thingy). We would have two equally fabulous kids, and all things being equal, they would be a girl and a boy. We would live in some great unspecified city, and there may have even been a white picket fence involved (although I'm not sure that jives with the city part of my dream). My husband would be a wonderful man.

Flash forward 30 years: I actually do pick up my husband's suits and shirts from the cleaners, and as it turns out, he's a pretty wonderful man. What makes him so wonderful isn't how great he looks in his perfectly pressed shirts, but that he accepts me just as I am. His deep affection for me, his endless desire for my happiness, and thinking I'm beautiful when I feel the least beautiful. What makes him so wonderful is that he influences my own thoughts about myself in a more positive direction. He always says, "You're the best". After you've heard that a few times (well, for me it was a few million times), you find agree. Now, whenever he says that, in my heart I answer, "Thank you....I think I am too."

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