Thursday, February 4, 2010

As I sit here in bed going over all of today's events, thoughts of my son, Griffin, keep coming to me. Everyone who knows him, or just meets him for the first time, are so taken with him. He is consistently the most happy, helpful & thoughtful person I know. Every morning he greets me with the most delightful "hi Mom", and is always willing to give me one of his famous smoochies, even when I haven't brushed my teeth yet! We have such wonderful routines that we do together, and my favorite has to be that he holds my hand as I drive him to school each morning. Then, when we finally arrive at school, it takes him a solid five minutes to start walking to his building, because of the numerous things he does and says before he feels it's ok to go: "Ok, Mom, well, I love you so so much"...."remember, 3:10 on the dot, in fact, be here early".....a few of those smoochies...."ok, well, have a wonderful, spectacular (always in that order) day!" Then on his way to class, he always turns around a few times to wave goodbye. One day I was unable to take him to school, and he was pretty upset. His stepdad drove him that morning, and boy did I ever hear about that when I picked him up from school that day. According to Griffin: "I don't think Mikey can drive me to school anymore because he just pulls up, drops me off and drives away, he doesn't even watch me walk to class".'s so nice to be wanted!

Spending even a few minutes thinking about Griffin, can put me in the most fantastic mood. A smile creeps upon my face, and instantly my spirits are lifted. The wonderful feeling makes me start thinking of other things and people to be grateful for, and before you know it, Griffin's presence is everywhere.

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