Friday, February 19, 2010

This week has been so wonderful with lots of time spent with family and friends. I spent some one-on-one time with Bella, who is so much fun to hang around with! At ten years old, she's wise beyond her years, loves conversation, and has a wicked sense of humor! We started off our day at our favorite place to eat, Panini Panini, where I delighted in a delicious wedge of lemon tart (just thinking about it makes my mouth water). Bella and I plotted our shopping route. Two stops for me: first J Crew, then my favorite bookstore, and two for her: Hollister and Aeropostale. There is always a lot of hugging involved since Bella is very eager to immediately share her gratitude for having received new treasures!

My niece Lauren is here visiting from Connecticut this week and, as always, it's such a JOY to have her around, and also a reminder of what we've been missing all these years with her living so far away. I'm taking Lauren and Devon to the train station this morning so they can embark on their adventure in Chicago for the day! Sitting here thinking about these two lovely girls, I'm imaging all their stamps in their passports: Norway, Mexico, Japan, France, and Portugal! I may actually have missed one or two! I admire that, at their young ages, they've never been fearful of exploring. They want to see the world, experience the world, learn the languages of the world, taste the foods of the world and, most importantly, meet the people of the world!! Happiness is traveling and making memories!

I was also able to get together with my sister-in-law Arden this week, when we all gathered at her home for dinner with Kathleen, the Assistant Director of Camp Kohahna. Camp Kohahna is the girls camp near Glen Arbor, Michigan, where Devon & her cousins, spend their summers. As we were all piled around the fireplace talking, I looked around at these beautiful faces: Arden, Lena, Devon, Lauren, and Kathleen, and realized how grateful I was to be in the company of these pretty terrific women. Listening to them talk, I'm so proud of them and how they seek Divine guidance for even the smallest things.

My friend Sandy, has been on my mind so much this week. Although I think about her a million times a day, sometimes you feel a person more often than at other times. I'm visiting her in 42 days, but it won't come soon enough for me! I miss her so much and have a feeling I'm not going to get ANY sleep while I'm there, since we will probably be up all night every night being JOYFUL together! I share a connection with her that I haven't found with anyone's like finding the other half of yourself, only you didn't know You were missing until you found You!

And finally, My mother. Who always seem to show up when you need her, can whip up a special dress for a dance, pick up the child that needs a ride, and rescue me when dinner is not quite finished and I'm running late for my Tuesday night yoga class, take the picture for my new real estate listing, and go buy the cat food that I forgot earlier - sometimes all in the same day! It's been a "week of women" for me, and so much fun to sit back and see how different everyone is and to celebrate those differences.

While I love all the women in my life tremendously, I am besotted with the one that came from me. Her love for me never fails to amaze me. She's wise, intelligent, funny, talented....and a good driver. I love you so much Devon. Thanks for choosing me.

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